Fran's Friday 5

This week I have been liking...

Bike Nation by Peter Walker
I read lots and it's always non-fiction and here's a book I enjoyed so much I zapped through it in two days. Peter Walker, creator of the Guardian Bike Blog, tells us how we can achieve a healthier nation, a safer nation, a human-friendly nation... a Bike Nation. A must-read, informative investigation packed with statistics and stories.

My copy is now in The Traditional Cycle Shop lending library so feel free to come in and borrow it or donate one of your own cycling-related favourites.

Carradice Super C Courier Bag

My new everyday bag, whether I'm on the bike or not, is a Carradice Super C Courier bag. It's huge, has all the pockets you'll ever need and a chest strap to stop it slipping around when riding. This thing is bombproof and will probably outlast me.

You can view our Carradice range in-store at The Traditional Cycle Shop.

Carradice 2.JPG

Alex Moulton Poster

The shop has acquired an early 1980s Moulton poster for the AM range. Featuring an annotated photograph and period typography. The image in is black and white but I'm imagining the Adidas tracksuit would have been canary yellow.

We'll be adding Moulton bikes and accessories to our website later this month. 

Eroica Britannia

In two weeks time The Traditional Cycle Shop is loading the van up with Pashley and Moulton bikes and heading up to the Eroica Britannia festival in the Peak District for 3 days of cycling, shopping, music, eating and drinking. What's not to like?

My First Pashley

I bought my first Pashley a few weeks ago and it's going to be my summer project to learn to ride it. Riding tips will be gratefully accepted.

Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

One man and his bike by Mike Carter
Ever wondered what would happen if you were cycling to the office and just kept on pedalling past? Mike Carter did just that (not just the wondering but the pedalling past bit). This is Mike’s account of his epic 5000 mile journey around the coastline of the UK. Inspiring and funny. I read it over a weekend and immediately made plans for a 500 mile summer cycling adventure (I know, but I only have 2 weeks).
This is a really useful site for anyone planning a cycling adventure. Tom Allen gives advice on planning, bikes, gear and surviving on the road. I’ll be paying particular attention to the entry: 5 Keys To Relationship Preservation As A Couple On A Cycle Tour.

Moulton AM GT Mk III
We took our first order for a one of these this week. The customer wanted a beautiful piece of hand-made English craftmanship to go with his recently purchased Morgan and the AM GT Mk III in stainless steel does the job. I can’t wait to see it.
Campagnolo Chorus 22 speed Drop bar £6950
Shimano Alfine 11 speed Flat bar £6350

Moulton Transport Sleeves
Need to take your Moulton in the car? Pack it away in these Transportation Sleeves and stow it safely in the boot away from prying eyes.
In-store now £79 pair.

Gentle Storm by Elbow
Great song and interesting video. See if you can spot Benedict Cumberbatch and if you don’t blink I think maybe Kevin Godley who directed the video which will look familiar if you’re as old as me. Let me know if you think it is.
Watch the video here:

Hand-made in Stratford-upon-Avon

The Traditional Cycle Shop sits in a beautiful setting on the banks of the River Avon where it meets the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal and within sight of the Royal Shakespeare Company. If you’ve been following us on social media you will have seen that I like to explore the town on my bike and if I cycle from the shop along the canal towpath, after 8 minutes I’ll reach the Pashley factory on Mason’s Road.

This is where Pashley, England’s longest established bicycle manufacturer, has a team of over 50 employees designing and hand-building their bicycles and tricycles. About 40 are in design and production and the remaining are looking after customers and the day-to-day running of the company.

Pashley is very proud of the fact that in its 90-year history it has never taken production overseas and if it is unable to manufacture a component in-house it has a policy of always trying to source locally in the Midlands, then nationally in the UK followed by Europe and the Far East. The company currently supports almost 100 British component suppliers and over 85 British service and utility companies. The most famous of these suppliers are Brooks England who supply their famous leather saddles and Reynolds who supply steel tubing for the frames.

The traditionally fabricated steel frames are hand-brazed using lugs by Pashley’s skilled brazers. They are then powder-coated, assembled, quality-checked and finally boxed and taken to the despatch department. From there they go to a Pashley dealer or commercial customer in one of 50 countries around the world or will get them loaded in the van and delivered the 1.5 miles to The Traditional Cycle Shop.

One advantage of being so close to the factory is that bikes, spares or accessories can be here the next day if they are in stock. Another advantage is that if you visit The Traditional Cycle Shop on a Saturday morning you might be lucky enough to be served by Adrian Williams (Pashley MD) and hear one of his fascinating industry anecdotes!

Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

1. The Bike Show Podcast
I’m ashamed to say I only started listening to The Bike Show recently but I’ve been catching up by downloading the podcasts onto my phone and listening to an episode each morning on the way to work. Already this week presenter Jack Thurston has told me about the history of the Sturmey-Archer hub gear and Chris Boardman’s cycling story and I’m still to find out if cycling killed Kraftwerk!

2. The shop’s new Moulton TSR 22
We took delivery of a Moulton TSR 22 this week. Drop bars and Shimano 105 drivetrain. Add mudguards, custom racks and bags for touring or ride it stripped bare for a sportive. £1995.

3. My Howies Pilot Jacket
Ten years ago, Howies sold the Pilot Jacket. They said it would last ten years, so I bought one. It did.

4. Cyclist Magazine
The current issue of Cyclist magazine has an eight-page article about the Moulton Bicycle Company. Favourite quote: “Tom Simpson said that if he wasn’t contracted to Peugeot, he’d take up the Moulton bike next week.”

5. Listening to To Be Without You by Ryan Adams. 
Watch it here

Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

1. Test riding the shop's new Moulton New Series Double Pylon
Sublime ride and breathtaking looks.

2. Pashley coasters
Handmade for Pashley by Brooks England from the same leather they use for their saddles. Available in the classics black, brown and honey as well as a range of more funky colours, my favourite is the aged brown. They smell great and I’m trying to resist the temptation to Frisbee them all at Blake the next time he comes down from the Pashley factory.


3. Watching Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix
If you like seeing how designers work then you’ll love this. From Architecture to photography to typography, eight designers share their stories and inspirations in this docuseries (apparently, that is a real word). In a previous life, I was a graphic designer and a Design & Technology teacher so I’ve watched a lot of documentaries about design and designers and having so far watched the episodes about Illustrator Christoph Niemann, Nike designer Tinker Hadfield and photographer Platon Antoniou I can say that they are fast-paced, fascinating and very entertaining. I’m trying to watch an episode each night this week, it’s a Netflix binge that will won’t leave you feeling guilty.

4. Reading Boneshaker magazine
If you like to gently caress and sniff a new magazine (or is that just me?) then you’ll love Boneshaker. Perfect bound on quality stock with a very strong design aesthetic and very beautiful. When it arrives in the shop I sneak a copy home and spend the evening reading it cover to cover. In their own words: “From all corners of the planet we gather personal stories, beautiful photographs and carefully commissioned illustrations exploring the wonderful things that happen when people and bikes come together. No training tips, race diets or adverts. It’s not how much your bike weighs that matters, but where it takes you. It’s not how fast you got there, but what you saw along the way.” Perfect.

5. Listening to B.H.S. by Sleaford Mods

Fran's Friday Five

Welcome to my occasional series of recommendations of various things I have been enjoying. Click the links (>>) to check them out for yourself.

This week I have been liking...

1. The shop's new Pashley Delibike >>

2. Vélo Culture's Cake Stop Caddy >>

3. Following pedalnorth_images on Instagram >>

4. Reading The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture >>

5. Listening to Big Balloon by Dutch Uncles >>

Greenery on the greenery...

PANTONE tell us today that their Colour of the Year 2017 will be PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery. What is PANTONE Colour of the Year? I hear you ask. Well, apparently it's:

"A symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude."

And with us being very helpful here at The Traditional Cycle Shop we have something that will help you express that mood and attitude next year: The Pashley Pathfinder Trail in Citrus Green.

The Pathfinder Trail is the perfect all-purpose, all year round bike. It combines modern geometry and components with the classic Pashley aesthetic. Hand-crafted here in Stratford-upon-Avon using Reynolds 531 and 631 steel, fine-lugged construction, Brooks Cambium saddle and bar tape, Shimano Alfine 8 hub gears, TRP Spyre disc brakes and Continental Cyclocross tyres.

These features give you the confidence to explore the green lanes, tracks and towpaths that criss-cross the countryside as well as the urban environment.

The Pashley Pathfinder Trail is available instore at The Traditional Cycle Shop or on our website here for £1395. If you order instore within the next two weeks you can use the Pashley 90th Anniversary Voucher Scheme to get £90 off the list price.

Pashley Speed 5 special

My first job this morning was to open the delivery from Brooks England and put the finishing touches to this gorgeous Pashley Speed 5 special. I think I'm going to have one very happy customer!

Pashley Speed 5 with matching Honey Brooks B17 Special saddle, Slender Leather Grips and Toe Straps.

Pashley Speed 5 with matching Honey Brooks B17 Special saddle, Slender Leather Grips and Toe Straps.


I went down to Bradford-upon-Avon on a particularly rainy Monday last week to visit the Moulton Bicycle Company at their factory in the grounds of Alex Moulton's Hall. Being a huge fan and having two Moultons myself, this was a day I was very much looking forward to.

After having a chat with Co-owner John McNaugton, meeting the Moulton team and having a tour of the factory, I was very privileged to be shown around the Hall by Moulton's Technical Director Dan Farrell. I then joined Sales Manager Steve Harvey and two prospective customers on a test ride where my steed was an all-stainless steel Moulton SPEED. Despite the torrential rain (I don't think I would have been any wetter if I'd fallen in the Avon) it was a fantastic experience!

It always amazes me how some customers come into the shop knowing nothing about Moulton but after a test ride where they experience the performance and comfort they're hooked! We currently have a Moulton TSR 9 in The Traditional Cycle Shop and early in the new year we'll be welcoming more models including other TSRs, an Earl Grey, a Jubilee and hopefully either a New Series SPEED or Double Pylon. You can book a test ride of the TSR 9 now by using the link on the home page of our website and I'll keep you posted about the arrival of the others.

Fran Martin
Store Manager

A very cold, wet, but still smiling Fran Martin in front of the Hall with the Moulton Speed.

A very cold, wet, but still smiling Fran Martin in front of the Hall with the Moulton Speed.

Patrick Grant talks bicycles...

Patrick Grant, fashion designer, creative director of bespoke tailors Norton & Sons of Saville Row, judge on The Great British Sewing Bee, cycling fanatic, and all-round lovely guy popped into The Traditional Cycle Shop recently. He took a Pashley Speed 5 for a spin and we talked bicycles for a very pleasant hour.

Patrick Grant at The Traditional Cycle Shop with shop manager Fran Martin.

Patrick Grant at The Traditional Cycle Shop with shop manager Fran Martin.