Christmas Gift Guide

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The Traditional Cycle Shop has a wonderful selection of gifts to help make Christmas truly special. Here's some ideas in helpful price bands.

Up to £20

Pashley Coasters £8 In-store only
Brooks Saddle Covers £9
Brooks Maintenance Kit £10 In-store only
Brooks Trouser Strap £15 In-store only
Brooks Femto Lights £16
Pashley Signature T-Shirts £20
GB Wing Nuts £20

£21 to £50

UPSO Stirling Seat Pack £30 In-store only
Brooks Multitool £30
Brooks Pump £45 In-store only

£51 to £100

Moulton bottle cage £55
Moulton TSR/SST Day Bag Carrier £55
Moulton Day Bag £55
Brooks Challenge Tool Bag £70
Carradice Barley Limited Edition Saddle Bag £90 In-store only
Brooks D-Shaped Tool Bag £95


Pashley Wooden Mudguards £115
Pashley Classic Saddle Bag £125
Pashley Lunchbox Saddle Bag £145
Pashley Basket Tote £145

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