Save up to 35% on your new Pashley

The Cycle to Work scheme was introduced by the government to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution. It allows you to get up to £1,000 worth of cycles and accessories through your employer. You then pay a monthly salary sacrifice to effectively hire the bike and accessories over a 12 month period. The benefits are:

  • Save up to 35%* on the recommended retail price of bicycles and accessories
  • Interest-free payments automatically deducted from your salary, spread over 12 months
  • Save money on daily travel costs
  • Improve general health and well-being
  • Help the environment by reducing toxic car fumes

Currently The Traditional Cycle Shop offers three Cycle to Work schemes: Cyclescheme, Bike2work and Cycleplus. We are always looking out for popular schemes to join so if your employer offers a different scheme then please tell us about it.

Cycle to Work examples


Salary: £25k
Price: £625
Saving: £156.25 (25%)*

Princess Sovereign 
Salary: £25k
Price: £745
Saving: £186.25 (25%)*

Guv'nor 3 speed
Salary: £50k
Price: £925
Saving: £323.754 (35%)*


*Remember these examples are an indication - please see each scheme's savings calculators for accurate figures and to find out how each scheme operates. Call us on 01789 290703 if you have any questions about the scheme or would like to book a test ride.

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