Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

New Moulton arrivals

We've had 3 new Moultons arrive in the shop this week - A SPEED, an SST 11 and a TSR 27 special. You'll be hearing a lot more about these in the coming weeks but feel free to pop in and see them anytime.


Servicing classic Moultons

I've had the pleasure of working on a few classic Moultons recently, including these two: A 1998 Land Rover APB and a 1990 AM

Battery LED lights for your Pashley

If you want a classic front light for your Pashley but don't have a dynamo front wheel then this is what you need. Spanninga Swingo front light £20 and Spanninga Pixeo rear light £16. Both available in-store now.


Pashley Collection Merino and shorts

Merino is perfect for summer because it's comfortable, dries quickly and doesn't smell. The men's version also has button-fastening rear pockets but if you put a banana in there to have as an energy boost whilst out on a ride don't forget about about it like I did and pop in to see your mother and sit on her new sofa with the banana still in the pocket. 

The Pashley Collection shorts can be worn to the office with a shirt or dressed down with a t-shirt. Tailored for cycling with a dipped front waist and reflective rear pocket flaps.

Gents' Attire     Ladies' Attire   

Regular customers

It's always great to see regular customers, especially Kev and Rob whilst out on their Friday morning ride. They keep promising to bring me a bacon sandwich but it's never materialised.

Kev & Rob.JPG