Moultoneer - Colin Matheson

The latest in our regular series of profiles of riders of Pashley and Moulton bicycles.


Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a lifelong cyclist, never completely stopped. Half the mileage was riding to work, which has been the making of many a cyclist. The other half touring recreational. 

All of it local, never competitive. The longest work commute was 27 miles each way, not flat and all the year round.

What do you do for a living?
Long retired. Started at Royal Enfield, Redditch and worked my way steadily downwards!

What are you passionate about?
Not sure about passionate. Life is so wonderfully & mysteriously REAL!

What is your earliest memory of riding a bike and first bike?
A toy trike and then realising that my dad was no longer holding me up and I was balancing by myself. This feeling had never left me. I have heard it called “therapeutic.” An early teens first away from home journey with dad was to the south coast with a stop at Cirencester - Two adults unlimited grub on arrival, sumptuous evening meal, beds and huge breakfast, all for 13 shillings (65p) 


How long have you been a cyclist?
Including all of the above, about 86 years.

What bike are you riding?
A Moulton TSR with the SRAM DualDrive gearing.

How many bikes do you own?
Four: The Moulton and a T.J. Flying Gate in use, and Surly Ogre and a Raleigh “bitsa” to be assembled. At one time up to six and all “bitsas” in a small house with four children and nine cats. 


What is your dream bike?
Apart from whichever one I’m riding, I think an Titanium tourer with a choice of wheels and tyres- strong for journeys- fast and light for day runs, and with a Selle Royal Respiro saddle.

What appeals to you about cycling?
The versatility, the independence and the mateyness. Being such a “miraculous pedestrian”. 

What do you dislike about cycling?
Hawthorns and broken glass.

How often do you ride your bike, and for what purpose?
Nearly every day, for the sheer pleasure of the air and the landscape and sky/cloudscapes. Long sketches of quiet lanes, solitary and with friends, in silence and with lots of good chat.

A very big thank you to Antony Bridge for speaking to Colin and writing his answers down!

Fran Martin