Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

One man and his bike by Mike Carter
Ever wondered what would happen if you were cycling to the office and just kept on pedalling past? Mike Carter did just that (not just the wondering but the pedalling past bit). This is Mike’s account of his epic 5000 mile journey around the coastline of the UK. Inspiring and funny. I read it over a weekend and immediately made plans for a 500 mile summer cycling adventure (I know, but I only have 2 weeks).
This is a really useful site for anyone planning a cycling adventure. Tom Allen gives advice on planning, bikes, gear and surviving on the road. I’ll be paying particular attention to the entry: 5 Keys To Relationship Preservation As A Couple On A Cycle Tour.

Moulton AM GT Mk III
We took our first order for a one of these this week. The customer wanted a beautiful piece of hand-made English craftmanship to go with his recently purchased Morgan and the AM GT Mk III in stainless steel does the job. I can’t wait to see it.
Campagnolo Chorus 22 speed Drop bar £6950
Shimano Alfine 11 speed Flat bar £6350

Moulton Transport Sleeves
Need to take your Moulton in the car? Pack it away in these Transportation Sleeves and stow it safely in the boot away from prying eyes.
In-store now £79 pair.

Gentle Storm by Elbow
Great song and interesting video. See if you can spot Benedict Cumberbatch and if you don’t blink I think maybe Kevin Godley who directed the video which will look familiar if you’re as old as me. Let me know if you think it is.
Watch the video here: