Fran's Friday Five

This week I have been liking...

Bike Nation by Peter Walker
I read lots and it's always non-fiction and here's a book I enjoyed so much I zapped through it in two days. Peter Walker, creator of the Guardian Bike Blog, tells us how we can achieve a healthier nation, a safer nation, a human-friendly nation... a Bike Nation. A must-read, informative investigation packed with statistics and stories.

My copy is now in The Traditional Cycle Shop lending library so feel free to come in and borrow it or donate one of your own cycling-related favourites.

Carradice Super C Courier Bag

My new everyday bag, whether I'm on the bike or not, is a Carradice Super C Courier bag. It's huge, has all the pockets you'll ever need and a chest strap to stop it slipping around when riding. This thing is bombproof and will probably outlast me.

You can view our Carradice range in-store at The Traditional Cycle Shop.

Carradice 2.JPG

Alex Moulton Poster

The shop has acquired an early 1980s Moulton poster for the AM range. Featuring an annotated photograph and period typography. The image in is black and white but I'm imagining the Adidas tracksuit would have been canary yellow.

We'll be adding Moulton bikes and accessories to our website later this month. 

Eroica Britannia

In two weeks time The Traditional Cycle Shop is loading the van up with Pashley and Moulton bikes and heading up to the Eroica Britannia festival in the Peak District for 3 days of cycling, shopping, music, eating and drinking. What's not to like?

My First Pashley

I bought my first Pashley a few weeks ago and it's going to be my summer project to learn to ride it. Riding tips will be gratefully accepted.

Fran Martin