Introducing the Moulton Grand Union


The Moulton "Grand Union" is a special edition bicycle commissioned by us in conjunction with Moulton’s American Distributor Belmont Distribution. It takes inspiration from the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and celebrates the establishment of a new union. Like most Moulton spaceframe bicycles the two halves of the bicycle come together to form one unified product of exceptional performance, versatility and durability.

The Moulton Grand Union is equipped with a 9-speed derailleur, caliper brakes, a Brooks B17 saddle in Honey, hand-stitched tan leather grips with stainless steel endcaps and a Rear Day Carrier. Powder-coated in blue and white and finished with the unique Grand Union decals and Alex Moulton signature.

The Moulton “Grand Union” is £1775 and is available whilst stocks last during 2018. Come and see it at The Traditional Cycle Shop and test ride our Moulton TSR demonstrator.

Grand Union Montage.JPG
Fran Martin