Pashley People - Jenny Fradgley

The latest in our regular series of profiles of riders of Pashley and Moulton bicycles.

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Ian and I, with our young son, moved to Stratford from London forty three years ago and have had a wonderful life in our adopted town. Ian hales from the Black Country while my roots are in rural Worcestershire.

I taught art at Stratford-upon-Avon High School for twenty six years, spending the last ten years as Head of Sixth Form. Just before I retired I was lucky enough to be able to follow a lifelong interest in politics and fought an election to become a Town Councillor. Being a part of local politics is such a privilege and I have enjoyed representing residents of Stratford Town at Town, District and County.

Apart from local politics I love gardening, visiting art galleries and being with friends and family. Our daughter lives in Stratford while our son and grandsons live in London. Grandsons scooter while the rest of us cycle.

My first bike memory is riding on the cross bar of my father’s drop handled cycle, side saddle style, sitting on a blue and pink cushion tied onto the cross bar. I cycled as a child growing up, to school, shops and pleasure but I became a serious commuter cyclist in Stratford. My daughter rode in a child’s seat on my old bone shaker and I owned a lovely Moulton for a while. 

I cycled to work for just about the whole of my career. I could ride from Banbury Road to the High School in 10 minutes while, if I took the car, I would have to allow 30 minutes for traffic jams even then! When I was Mayor, 2009/2010, I arranged a charity cycle ride, with loads of help from friends and family, from Stratford London, by the emerging Olympic site, to Stratford-upon-Avon. Thirty seven riders raised £33.000 for the Parkinson’s good cause. A wonderful two day ride, mostly in pouring rain on the second day!!

My stalwart Dawes bike recently came to the end of its long life and I chose to replace it with a Pashley’s Britannia cycle. It is a great commuter cycle, so comfortable and capacious, and I am looking forward to many years short, local journeys. I am passionate about commuter cycling and believe this is the way to reduce congestion, improve air quality and the Nation’s health.

While I can I will work to improve cycle infrastructure and cycle safety to encourage more people to see the cycle as the default vehicle for short journeys.  

Last April, Jenny played a pivotal role in getting a motion passed at Warwickshire County Council asking them to support a full network of safe cycle routes in the county.

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